Marek Zmyslowki; How building the Amazon of Africa put him on Interpol’s Most Wanted list

Welcome to the Wild Adventures Podcast. The podcast where we get to hear people’s life stories and see where they have identified adventure in their life. My hope for you as a listener, is that you come away from this podcast inspired to make every day an adventure. 

I am your endlessly curious host, Marlene Lowe. My passion is in hearing and collecting your stories.

Today we hear from Marek Zmyslowki, entrepreneur, investor and bestselling author of Chasing Black Unicorns. Marek has a fascinating story of growing up in Poland and making his way to Nigeria. From building the Amazon of Africa to being put on Interpol’s most wanted list. 

He really does have a passion for making change in the world and is a huge advocate for business in Africa. His real life goal is simply to leave this World in slightly better shape than what it was when he arrived.

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