Season 3 Trailer

Hello all of you wonderful wildlings and welcome back to The Wild Adventures Podcast. The podcast where adventure is a mindset… not just a destination. 

We will be launching Season 3 of the podcast this week, and we already have twelve campfire stories to share with you. We have musicians, business owners, destination stories and even a story about a couple that is riding horseback from Mongolia to Scotland. 

We will be launching a new episode every Friday so that you can start the weekend with adventure in mind and excitement on the horizon. 

If you want to share your story then please reach out to me at , follow us on social media, and listen back to the last two seasons of The Wild Adventures Podcast! 

Join the campfire and hear a story. Join the campfire and tell your story. 

The music was created and put together by the very talented Alex Read. Check her out in Instagram:

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